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Scholarship Request/Financial Aid Request Form

WUSC Scholarship Request Form.pdf


This program exists to create opportunities for youth to participate in the Westside
United Soccer Club that might not otherwise be possible due to financial reasons.

Your privacy will be carefully protected. Register your player prior to, or immediately after
submitting the scholarship application.


When registering, select pay by check, or pay the portion that you can manage now. This will ensure a spot is reserved for your player if the scholarship is granted. If the scholarship is not granted, the player can be removed from the roster if so desired, with no penalty.


  • Individual awards will vary, not to exceed the scholarship funds available. The amount of the

award depends on need, based on family income, number of family members, and potential
number of players requesting financial aid.


  • Exceptional circumstances, such as large medical expenses not covered by insurance, loss of

income due to illness or unemployment, etc. are also taken into consideration. Be sure that
you include an explanation of this in your written explanation if you have circumstances like
these that should be considered.


  • You are responsible for paying any expenses not potentially covered by the scholarship.


  • Westside United Soccer Club has limited financial resources available for those needing

assistance with soccer registration fees. We try to offer some assistance to those who have
need, but budget limits may not allow us to give 100% of the aid everyone feels they need. If
you need more help meeting expenses, payment plans are available.


  • If you have multiple children within the club who need assistance, you must fill out a form for

each child you are requesting assistance for.


  • All scholarships submitted from families in need will be reviewed by the members of the

Westside United Soccer Club Board of Directors. You will be contacted immediately after the
decisions have been made.


  • Scholarships are to help with the WUSC Registration Fee and NOT uniforms which are

purchased on-line through Authentic


  • Complete this form and submit by scanning or taking a clear picture of pages 2 and 3, and

email to

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